I never do

I never (okay, almost never) oversleep! Especially on a Monday. It’s one of my favourite days of the week… Mondays have always been a great opportunity to start fresh, do better and do more.
It’s amazing how media has glorified hating on Mondays :D. Of course it sucks if you hate your job and a Monday only means you have another 5 days to keep up with your boss’s b*shit… I pray for me to never end up in such situation and for the guys who feel like this to find something amazing soon, that will make them jump out of the bed with joy on a Monday 🙂 .
Cheesy, cheesy. Have a great day guys, try your best to be happy 🙂 I promise I will do the same.   Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg.

Veronicca Popova - lifestyle, fashion blogger Aalborg.

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