Hey guys, hope you are well!  In this post, I would like to share with you few of my favorite workouts to do at home. I used to do all my workouts at home or outside, not anymore… Currently, I have a gym subscription, so this is where all the action happens, but I ain’t no gym fan… I dislike the gym I go to quite a bit… It’s soo overpriced, the machines are old, there is NO network, there are too many rules of what you have to wear, the air is dry, complain, complain…I can go on and on and on, but you get my point, it’s not my favorite place.

Currently I have been super busy (which I would love to tell you more about!) so I don’t have time to workout much which is the worst, but hopefully, I will adapt to my new regime soon and get back on track.
Anywho, let’s not get carried away! I would like to share with you few workouts I do at home which do not require much but some space and good mood :). 


Pop pilates 

Pop pilates and Cassey Ho are two of my most favorite things out there. It’s really hard to pick a favorite video of hers but I will link to her butt challenge as it’s probably the one I love the most at the moment. No matter which one you do, it will be AMAZING I promise! Don’t be fooled by people who tell you pilates is easy, there is NOTHING easy about pop pilates, you probably won’t be able to go through a single 10 mins video (most of the times I can’t ).
The videos are short but super hard and effective for me. Thanks to her videos I got a pretty strong core and found out ways to do it without hurting my lower back, as I have some issues with it. 


This looks and sounds like a lot of fun, but don’t be fooled it’s HARD.  It’s difficult and effective and fun! Love the music, love her vibe and the energy. The beat is good and it really get’s me going. It can be hard to go through it first few times, but if you do, I promise you, your core it’s gonna be happy.


This is my ultimate favorite dance workout. I know the choreography by heart and love doing it, there is a great vibe to it, the beat is nice and it definitely helps you get centred again. It’s a light aerobic workout, nothing too crazy, but always manages to put me in a better mood :).

That was it with my short list guys, hope you enjoyed and got inspired to try some of the videos! Have a beautiful day and talk to you later!

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