This is the lipstick from my Braided. look. I got many compliments on it, so decided to share which one it is.
It’s the Bourjois Velvet Edition in shade Nude-ist.  It’s very popular and I highly recommended as a way cheaper equivalent of some of the major brand’s matt lipsticks.


bourjois velvet edition review veronicca blog
Once it dries out it can stay on for up to 24h. Sometimes it’s pain in the ass to remove 😀

What I really like about it and makes it a great matt lipstick, is that it doesn’t get super dry. It’s very creamy and it stays that way after you apply, even though it has a matt finish.

NYX’s matt lipsticks and this one are in the same price range, but I prefer Bourjois’s as it’s more lightweight and doesn’t dry out.
It does take awhile to set and it will transfer on your glass f.ex, but once it’s set the pigmentation is great, and super long lasting.

bourjois rouge edition review veronicca blog
I have almost ran out of it again, need to repurchase

It’s really a great product for a decent price and it does what it promises. I will highly recommended :).

Hope you enjoyed this short entry, talk to you soon!

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