5 flatlayers you must follow on insta – 2017

        I love flatlay photography (yeah, who doesn’t 😀 )! I am also a junior flatlayer and try to create some good content but there is quite a learning curve to it … Aaaanyways, today I am sharing five of my absolutely favorite flatlayers on Insta that never dissapoint with their content! 

There are of course many more amazing artists I follow and admire, but I decided to share these ones with you today as they really connect emotionally with their contentYou can see when people put their heart and soul in their work or hobbies, and this is exactly what these people are doing. Very inspiring, and just lots of awesome eye candy 😀 !


Let’s cut to the chase


She is absolutely amazing, one of my biggest inspirations. Her shots are always perfectly balanced and beautiful! Another reason to follow her is that she often features the cutest doggy ever 😀

photo credit : @martidamska

You can follow Marti HERE 



Not only she is a major babe but she has perfect understanding of flatlay dynamics and makes really awesome shots!

photo credit @jennifer_chong
photo credit @jennifer_chong

You can follow Jen HERE 


She is THE queen of flatlays. Not only she makes awesome content for us, but she also shares SO much tips and tricks on her Story. I have really learned a lot from her. 

photo credit @clickthisphoto
photo credit @clickthisphoto

You can follow Connie HERE.


This girl really know her flatlay game :X . There are so many flatlayers on Insta, but I can spot her content right away. She has a pretty distinctive style.

photo credit @alabasterfox
photo credit @alabasterfox

You can follow Adrianna HERE. 


She is quite the #GIRLBOSS, and no wonder, this girl is on fire! 😀 

photo credit @phoebesoup
photo credit @phoebesoup

You can follow Phoebe HERE .

Hope you enjoyed this short entry and found some new inspiration! Soon I will share my favorite Fashion & Commedy people on Insta.
Have a beautiful day and talk to you later! 

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