If you haven’t seen the first movie, SPOILER ALERT duh, you can scroll down to the new trailer talk.

Fifty shades of gray – More like: fifty shades of DISAPPOINTMENT 

I will start with the first movie. I don’t like Fifty shades of Grey as a movie or book or fanfiction or whatever. Maybe if I was younger, it seems like teenagers are going BANANAS over it. 
I am no bondage expert either so I can’t say if that part was good. Generally there is so much that is not good with it, I don’t know where to begin with…. 

BUT it is tamed as a sexy movie, and the music is really good. So I did watch the first one, and I will most certainly see the second one. But let’s be honest we all watched it just for the sexy scenes. Which kind of disappointed, given how hyped they were 🙁 . Also the first time I saw it with Andreas, he felt asleep 20mins into it, and the good stuff starts probably 40 mins into it 😀 . It’s a love-hate relationship with this one.

Anywho, besides my feministic thoughts, another general thing that really really bothers me is the actor they chose to play Christian Grey… Don’t get me wrong Jamie Dornan, is a beautiful man, but I really can’t see him as Grey, can you?  In my opinion, an older guy would have made this thing a whole lot sexier. To me this guy looks way to young to be, first of all, that rich and second of all that screwed up. I am not talking about the S&M stuff, that’s alright, but if you look a bit closer (naah it’s actually pretty obvious) he is a controlling freak who likes to suffer emotionally, is obsessive, possessive and a stalker. 😀
Also way too perfect, body wise and face wise. The angry eyebrow does not add enough sass and mystery that the character supposedly carries in the book version.
I imagined they would cast someone with very special features, a guy who is not a pretty boy but have a more twisted look (like Mads Mikkelsen, oh yes, I still got the hots for that man 😀 ).

Anastasia… Oh my God, where to begin with this lady… This is probably the most boring female in movie history. And that’s why it seems so hella unrealistic to me that this guy will choose her and get so obsessed with her. 

Another thing that doesn’t add up is that he obviously is into the kinky stuff but somehow he chooses to go after the lady who looks like she could be singing in the church choir? I mean, take a look at her outfit the first time they meet. Come on, you can’t expect any freaky stuff from someone wearing this cardigan and that shirt.. that way.. (naah, I am obviously overreacting to make a point, you can easily be a crazy MoFo no matter what you wear 😀 )


It just makes no sense 😀 . Also she is a 21 years old virgin, who has been keeping her virginity that long, and suddenly decides to give it up to this playboy she has met just few times? I mean….really?

Anywho, I am getting carried away. This is not a Fifty Shades of Grey review, just wanted to make sure it’s clear how I feel about the movie 😀 . I am not gonna go any deeper (you see what I did there 😀 ) with this talk, so let’s get to the new trailer!


50 shades darker – thoughts on the TRailers

There are two trailers available already. Both are excellent in my opinion! They built a great suspense, introduced so many new things, I am actually looking way more forward to this one then I was to the first one!
I am not sure though, if it’s only a great trailer or we can actually expect a way more interesting and action packed movie (I haven’t read the books, so It’s all new to me). There is a lot more going on then in the first one and looks like a promising mystery with a decent amount of naughtiness!


Just few seconds into it and OH THE MUSIC. Again, great choice of artists and songs. Also I am a huge fan of the fabulous outfits and all the other fabulousness happening in the very first moments 😀 .
But most importantly somehow the plot got a whole lot more twisted! We are introduced to some completely new guys, crazy ladies, some sort of investigations, explosions, fancy cars? What? I am not sure what’s happening but I am so happy to see that they decided not to rely simply on the sex scenes for this one!


Few seconds in, oh wow, Christian Grey wants to settle down, have a girlfriend and a normal relationship? Anastasia is no longer awkward, nervous and shy? She is all sassy and fast with the comebacks? I am starting to warm up to the idea this might be a better movie.
1 min into it and we already get some good steamy action, way to go! Not only that it’s a pretty hot scene, but now Anastasia doesn’t look completely spineless!… Expectations are so much higher for this one.

I am definitely excited to see this movie, looking forward to the premiere date.What do you guys think of the trailers, I would love to hear your thoughts!  Excited about it?

Hope you enjoyed this short post and talk to you later!

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