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aesop’s fables

Aesop’s fables were a pretty big part of my childhood, and still, up to today, I remember most of them by heart. I believe they spoke to me as a child and affected me a lot as an adult. Here is my favourite one:

A very young Fox, who had never before seen a Lion, happened to meet one in the forest. A single look was enough to send the Fox off at top speed for the nearest hiding place.

The second time the Fox saw the Lion he stopped behind a tree to look at him a moment before slinking away. But the third time, the Fox went boldly up to the Lion and, without turning a hair, said, “Hello, there, old top.”

When I was a child, what I got out of this one was to be brave, and to embrace what I am afraid of, as it might not be so scary after all. As an adult… I would say the same. Facing my fears have always been the only way to deal with them, and as cheesy as it may seem I believe reading these fables as a child helped me get this mentality as an adult. Have you read the Aesop’s fables as a child?

eniito challenge

I am sharing this little book of fables with you today as a part of the Eniito challenge, which inspires you to find and share some of the most thoughtful, beloved and unique belongings from your home or wardrobe. It can be anything from jewellery, a piece of clothing or a vase your grandma gave you. Take a picture and share it on Insta where you describe why is it special to you.
In the challenge, you can win gift vouchers of DKK 4,000 (1st), DKK 2,000 (2nd) and DKK 1,000 (3rd) for ENIITO.com
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