2% failure rate

Even less than 2% of the dental implants fail, and I was in those percentages. When the procedure is done excellent, and the patient has done everything that they have been instructed to do it should all be fine. But there are still 2% of failure even when everything is done perfectly. I call it “shit happens”.
My whole life I have been so incredibly lucky. My whole life I have been in the 98% success rates of everything, I guess there was some balance needed. And this failure brought a lot good to my life as well. It gave me some perspective, it made me realise how well the Universe has been treating me, always. And how I should be even more grateful for it all.

Getting dental implants

It meant so much to me to get this done, it wasn’t an aesthetic problem, but just something I felt like I own to my body. I neglected an issue way too long, and my fear caused me more trouble than necessary. So I decided I owe it to myself to overcome my fear and do what’s best for me.
My mom found a clinic for me in Sofia. It’s one of the best rated dental clinics in Bulgaria that specialises in implantology and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic has so many medical awards, working with the newest, finest technologies, so I felt really well about it.


I met with the doctor who would do the surgery, we had a long talk about my medical history, allergies, deceases and so on. Even today, I completely trust in my surgeon, his work, opinion and recommendations.
After our talk, we decided implants were the best solution for me. In my case, being young, healthy, low-key drinker & non-smoker, the success rates were pretty solid.
So I went for it. The procedure is expensive, stressful but thankfully painless. It’s done under local anaesthesia, which means you don’t feel any pain, but you are awake. You can respond to commands and you can feel pressure etc. It’s a serious intervention and even under anaesthesia, I felt very uncomfortable.


The morning after I had almost no pain and just a little swelling. Days were passing, things started to heal and were looking pretty good. The initial healing time was close to done when I was still in Bulgaria. I did one last check before coming back to Denmark and everything was good. So I flew back to Aalborg, feeling calm and fine with it.


When I came back, I started on a highly nutritious, rich in vitamins, anti-inflammatory diet combined with drinking no alcohol.  It was really important to me to make sure I am doing the best for my body. My plan was to keep this going until Christmas time.


Unfortunately, nothing went as I planned or expected it. Just a week after I was back in Denmark I got some very weird feeling in my implants, I went to get them checked and they were both infected. The dentist I went to told me he is 90% sure they will fail, and the reason is unknown.
I was terribly, terribly unprepared for bad news. This came out of the blue for me. I was absolutely sure everything will be fine and I didn’t even for a second take into consideration something could go wrong. It crushed me.
It meant so much to me, and now it was going in the wrong direction and there was no-one to blame and nothing to do. I felt so hopeless and sad. To some maybe this wouldn’t have been such an issue, but I had a serious dental anxiety, and I pushed myself crazy much to get it done, and now it was all falling apart.


I called my doctor, who was very surprised this was happening at such late stage. He was very hopeful and optimistic, and he made me believe it could get better. We agreed I will do a 10 days antibiotic treatment, and see how things go from there.
10 days passed and my symptoms were gone. I felt immense relief and was so optimistic and positive.
Unfortunately, about a week after the antibiotics, symptoms of infection came back, I went to get it checked and yes, not only that the infection was still there, it got worse.
Suddenly removing the implants became urgent. I called my doctor on the phone, and he advised me to come back to Sofia asap, so we can act on it. I rushed home and got myself tickets for the very next day. Packed a small backpack and said goodbye to Aalborg once again.


By the time I was at Aalborg airport, I had already made complete peace with what was about to happen. I realised I have so many blessings and this little bump on the road doesn’t affect my life that much. I got excited to see my family and friends again. The weather in Sofia was fantastic at the time and I was ready to make the most out of the situation.


I visited my dentist the same day I came back and we scheduled a surgery for the following day. We talked a lot about what could have gone wrong, and until today we have only suggestions and speculations, no real reason.
Now my implants are out, I am recovering from the surgery and just hoping it will all go well from here. Once the infection is completely gone, everything is healed and the bone is ready I will try again.
Even though the procedures were very, very scary for me, even though they were unsuccessful and even though it was hella expensive, I will do it again. If and when my body allows it I will definitely go for it. It’s the best solution and I have the best surgeon to do it for me.


So that’s the reason I have been in Sofia for so long now. Last two months were very eventful. It all had a very positive impact on me, and I am grateful for all that happened. Now I am looking forward to seeing Andreas again and going back into my routine.
Hope you enjoyed hearing from me, and I will talk to you soon!




  1. Oh sweetie, I am sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you! I love how positive you are, and I wish you better luck the next time!


    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Hey Amalie,

      Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment <3 Do you have experience with dental implants yourself?


  2. Бързо оздравяване ти желая мила, и не го мисли, случват се и такива неща! 🍀💕🍀Сподели повече за диетата!

    • veroniccapopova Reply

      Благодаря 🙂 То не е точно диета по скоро план, но ще напиша статия и ще обясня по подробно :).


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