Lately, I have been trying to identify the negative or “useless” parts of my life and break bonds with them. It might sound a bit cynical when I say “useless” but give me a chance to elaborate.
To get energy, inspiration and drive in my life I strongly relate to people and situations. I think many of us are like that. Something happens, you meet a new person, read an inspiring book, have a profound talk with a friend, visit a new place, something. And that something pushes you to try new things, inspires you to do more of something or to change something completely.
So that being said, I think it’s more clear what I mean by “useless”. If it doesn’t make me feel good, helps me grow as a human, strengthens a bond with an important to me person or expands my knowledge than why do I need it in my life?

And I am not trying to say that I only want to do what makes me feel good, of course, there are many things that you just have to do. Like laundry… I am talking about the ones that I voluntarily do and are not necessary for my life and therefore can let go of. Not only things I do, also people I surround myself with. And it’s definitely more difficult to control that part of my life, but it’s necessary.

Decluttering my mind and life always brings me joy, sets me at peace and helps me be a better person, a better friend. It’s difficult to stay away from bad influences, but as soon as I can identify them as negative to my life it becomes easier to eliminate them.


And while letting go of what I believe is toxic, unnecessary and plain negative I am trying to focus on the things that really do bring me joy. Quality time with quality people, creating healthy habits, growing as a person and just having fun and enjoying life.

Forever inlove with life.


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