Time is, always have been and always will be our greatest asset. And as such it’s really important how we use it. I have had a lot of issues with my time management, but have found peace when spending my time in a way that I see as contributing to my overall well being.
Be it experience, building a stronger relationship with someone, expressing myself creatively, meeting new people, recharging with some good music, taking photos, exercising…

busy being busy

Often I will fall into the horrible loop of “busy being busy”, the disturbing time when you are accompanied by anxiety, pressure and the lack of satisfaction getting anything done. I am sure you know the feeling… Having a lot on your plate, failing on prioritising and suddenly the anxiety of not getting anything done has taken over, making it impossible to do something. Ahh, I hate that loop… I have wasted hours, just staring into the screen jumping from task to task and not getting anything done…Breaking the loop can be tricky and what helps me always is just taking a deep breath and investing time on prioritising, taking one thing at a time and trying to enjoy the process and not only the result.


While on the topic of time, I wanted to share this beautiful watch from Daniel Wellington with you. You are probably familiar already with the brand, as it’s become massively popular on social media.  This petite watch is my current favourite accessory. It comes with a beautiful white leather strap and an eggshell white dial.  It’s designed to be very thin making it look feminine and delicate on the wrist. I love wearing it with both fancy and more dressed down outfits. For those of you who like the brand and wish themselves to purchase something, I have a little discount. Code “VERONICCA” gives you 15% off on your purchase from the DW website and free delivery. Manage your time in style with this gorgeous watch, and don’t forget to make time for the ones that matter!
petite daniel wellington watch
That was it from me for today, hope you enjoyed this short article, and I will talk to you soon!



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