NUMPH Denmark winter collection


Hey guys, if you are anything like me, black is your spiritual animal 😀 . Wearing black is the easiest way to go! Okay that’s a lie… hardest thing ever is to find a particular garment in an all black wardrobe 😀 EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME! It’s just a big black mess…
Anywho.. Decided to share few more snaps of this lovely long cardigan from Nümph’s winter collection. Great edition to my black ensemble!

veronicca popova blog
“On Wednesdays we wear black.” American Horror story anyone?
veronicca popova blog
Really love pockets 😀 Cardigan or jacket without pockets look odd AF.
veronicca popova blog
There’s nothing as distressing as when the shades of black you’re wearing are slightly different from each other 😀

veronicca popova blog

Have a beautiful day guys and talk to you later!


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      Thanks for stopping by sweetie, really nice blog! 🙂 :*

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