This week I am celebrating love. On Wednesday I celebrated the day on which three years ago I gathered up enough courage to go out on a date with a mysterious man. A mysterious man who turned out to be the sweetest boy I will get to know.

We have grown so much, and I can’t be more thankful for our perseverance. Our relationship put us through a lot of challenges, but something kept us strong. Something didn’t allow us to give up on each other. I am so grateful that we pushed through and don’t want to imagine what would have happened if we didn’t. I have never been more engaged in loving another person, and have never known love the way I do with you.
Love is so unexplainable and crazy and complicated. And it has been all of these things with you, but somehow, at the same time, it’s easy.
Somewhere in my brain, in my whole body, there is an unexplainable feeling of reliability, like a strong intuition that just makes everything easy. I know we will push through, and I know I will love you and you will love me.


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